Geographical view of Bihar ; Important for various competitive exam

Introduction to Bihar

Hello welcome to all of you on our new blog ,in this blog we will provide and discuss with you on geographical view , climate, administration zones, soil types, river etc . In this article I will discuss all these important points related to Bihar which are important for competitive exams like SSC group D Bihar police BPSC BSSC etc.This post also coverd bihar special questions for verious examination for bihar.

Introduction of Bihar

At first I will discuss the geographycal borders of Bihar which are sharing to  another state borders of India. Bihar is  landlocked state it is located in the eastern region of India having border sharing with three Indian state and one country named Nepal. That is it means India is sharing its border with  Nepal and three other country of India as namely Uttar Pradesh West Bangal and Jharkhand . Bihar is sharing its border with Nepal in North side of Bihar , West Bengal in the south side Uttar Pradesh in the west side of Bihar and Jharkhand is in the south side of Bihar

District sharing Bihar with Nepal

Kishanganj araria Supaul Madhubani Sitamarhi Champaran and West Champaran are sharing the borders with Nepal country in North region of Bihar.

District sharing with West Bengal

Kishanganj, Purnia and Katihar is sharing borders with West Bengal in West region of Bihar.

District sharing with Jharkhand

Katihar, Bhopal, Banka, Jamui, navada, Aurangabad, Rohtas and Gaya sharing border sharing districts with Jharkhand in south region of Bihar

Administrative divisions of Bihar

Tirhut: headquarter mujhaffarpur district sharing with these divisions are Muzaffarpur East Champaran West Champaran Sitamarhi Vaishali and shivhar.

Saran : headquarters chhapra district sharing with Saran divisions are Saran Siwan and Gopalganj.

Patna : headquarters is Patna district sharing with Patna divisions Patna Bhojpur bhabhua Rohtas baksar and Nalanda.

Magadh : headquarters are Gaya district sharing with Magadh divisions are Gaya Jehanabad arval Aurangabad and navada.

Bhagalpur : headquarters are Bhagalpur district sharing with Bhagalpur divisions Bhagalpur and Banka.

Purnia : headquarters Purnia district sharing with purnea divisions are Purnia Katihar araria and Kishanganj.

Kosi : headquarters are Saharsa district sharing with Kosi divisions are Saharsa Madhepura and Supaul.

Darbhanga : headquarters are Darbhanga district sharing with Darbhanga division are Darbhanga and Madhubani.

Climate in Bihar

In Bihar there are three climate season which are well defended first one is the hot weather season which are from last of March to mid-June, second one is the season of Southwest monsoon rains which are from mid June to October, the last one is the cold weather season which are from November to February. In Bihar the hottest month in Bihar is my with regularly temperature exceeding to 90 degree fahrenheit that is 32°c. The coolest month in the Bihar is January which temperature decreases to law edge 70 degree fahrenheit about 5-8°c. The rainfall in Bihar is normally varies from 40 inches (1000 mm) to more than 60 inches (1500 mm). All the rainfall in Bihar happens between June and October.

Some geographical area of Bihar

Sasaram this is district head quarter of Rohtas

Dehri there is a son Nagar in the east side and there is a bridge on Sone river  named dehri on sone . 

Dalmia Nagar this is the industrial area of Bihar. Buxar . 

Ara, in this district the birth place of Kuwar  Singh named Jagdishpur village. 

Aurangabad ,there is a Surya temple.

 Bodhgaya there is a Mahabodhi temple Mahatma Buddh earned their knowledge at these palace under the Mahabodhi tree. 

Gaya, officer training academy (OTA) is here Gaya is the very hot hottest place in Bihar there is a hill named barabar hil. 

Rajgir this is in Jamui district there is a very biggest station named jhajha station it is naxalide affected area . 

Bihar Sharif it is the headquarter of Nalanda district there is a very famous university named Nalanda University which are invented by Kumar Gupta which are craced in 1198 by Khilji rajvansh from bakhtiyarpur . 

Bhagalpur there is a famous university named vikramshila University which are invented by dharmpal ,there is a power corporation named National thermal Power corporation (NTPC). Katihar. 

Kishanganj this is the East district of Bihar the Kishanganj district touches the border of West Bengal and Nepal in this district there is the most rainfall being here. In Kishanganj district the painting banni thanni painting are famous.


Samastipur there is a agriculture school named Rajendra agriculture school situated in Pusa. 

Munger there is a yoga University and also there is a weapon industry.

 Muzaffarpur the fruit lichi are famous here.

Sitamarhi there is birth place of Maa Sita. 

East Champaran the headquarter is motihari and there is an Airport named raxoul airport.

 West Champaran there is national park namily valmiki national park and another is udayapur national park. 

Siwan, India’s first President was Dr. Rajendra prasad , whose birth place is Siwan . 

Patna The capital of bihar is Patna, Shersah Suri named it Patna , It was founded by Udayin. 

District of Bihar

Bihar are Divided into 38 district for the purpose of administration these are Aurangabad, Begusarai, Bhagalpur, Banka, Bhojpur, bhabhua (Kaimur), Darbhanga, West Champaran, East Champaran, Arwal, Jamui Katihar, Khagaria, Kishanganj, Lakhisarai, Madhepura, Madhubani, Munger, Muzaffarpur, Nalanda, nawada, Patna, Purnia, Rohtas, Saharsa,  Samastipur, Saran, Sheikhpura, seohar, Sitamarhi, Siwan, Supaul, Vaishali etc .

Some important question answers – 

Green city of bihar – bhabua

Tomb of shersah suri – Sasaram 

establishment of state (Bihar Day) – 22 march 1912

Capital of Bihar – Patna 

Political sign of Bihar is bodhi tree,

political bird of bihar is goriya 

Political animal of bihar is ox 

Political tree of Bihar is Pipal 

Political fish of Bihar is mangur 

Political game of Bihad is Kabaddi 

Political language of Bihar  is Hindi 

Political flower of Bihar is Marigold

Second political language is Urdu 

Political dance is karma (करमा) , dhobiya ( धोबिया),  kathghodva (करघोड़बा)  jharani (झरनी), jhijhiya (झिझिया) etc.

Total area of Bihar is 94,163 square kilometre

Total distance between north to south is 345 km and total distance between East to West is 483 km

Climate of Bihar is

Average yearly rainfall is 112 CM 

Very hottest place in Bihar is gaya 

Very coolest place in Bihar is Gaya 

Highly rainfall place or district in Bihar is Kishanganj 

Very low rainfall place is Aurangabad

Total population of Bihar is 104099452 ( According to population census 2011)

Total Male population in bihar is 54278157

Total female population in Bihar is 49821295

Population density of Bihar is 1106 (per square kilometer)

Minimum populated district in Bihar is Sheikhpura 

Maximum populated district in Bihar is Patna 

Maximum increasing population rate  district is Madhepura

Maximum literacy rate district in Bihar is rohtaar Rohtas 73%,

Minimum literacy rate district in Bihar is Purnia 51%,

District in Bihar for maximum per person income is Patna ,

District in Bihar for minimum per person income is shivhar,

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